Boat Propellers

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About propellers

  • 3-blade propeller offers top speed
  • 4-blade propeller provides maximum thrust and smooth cruising operation
  • Diameter of a propeller refers to distance across the  circle encompassing the blades
  • Pitch is the distance the propeller will move through the water per revolution
  • Right-hand propellers are used for single engines
  • Left-hand propellers are used for twin engines
  • Cupped blades is a technique employed to enhance performance of propellers
  • Rake is a special design feature. Positive rake benefits from normal bow lift to permit the use of a larger diameter propeller, while negative rake can provide extra blade strength for use in very high speed applications.

Prop Sales for Medford Area

Prop sales. Mike’s Performance Marine can help you get the right prop for the activities you use your boat for. Mercury certified, Mike’s has the latest tools and diagnostic equipment to repair inboard, outboard, two-stroke, and four-stroke engines.