Four Stroke Boat Repair & Service

Four-Stroke Engine Repair

Whether  you have a boat with a four-stroke outboard motor or inboard motor (which is similar to the engine in a family sedan) that needs repair or seasonal maintenance – bring it into Mike’s Marine. Service for all makes and models of boat engines, including jet boats. Repair services include collision repair, electrical, new and used, propellers, custom installations and builds.

Advantages of Four-Stroke Outboard Motors

  • Designed to operate at slower speeds
  • Cooler than two-stroke models
  • Runs more quietly
  • A cleaner alternative for the environment than the two-stroke motor
  • Less destructive to engine components
  • Produces less smoke
  • A good choice for trolling
  • It uses an oil pump in conjunction with an oil reserve within the engine itself to pump oil

Inboard Maintenance & Repair

Superior repair, maintenance and service for inboard and jet boat engines.

Sterndrive Engine

The most popular sterndrive engines have historically been Chevrolet and Ford V-8 car engines that have been adapted for marine use.