Jet Boat Performance

Jet Boat Repair

We service and repair popular Jet drives like Rogue Jet, Boulton, River Wild Performance, Berkeley, American Turbine, and Dominator. When your having trouble with your jet boat, and your soul needs to get some speed on a lake, Mike’s Marine Service can diagnose and fix you problem.

Jet boats can be a lot of fun, but they need to be serviced routinely if you want the memories of a fast weekend on a lake or river. With high performance engines and boats it is essential to service your boat for optimal performance.

Proper jet boat services will lessen the chance of something going wrong out on the water. So bring your boat in to Mike’s Marine Service for quality service and repairs.

Winterizing your boat in the winter months is also important for years of enjoyment. It also helps your first spring boating trip to be enjoyable and memorable for the right reasons.